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Wouldn’t it be nice to improve convenience, usability, and enjoyment of your home or work environment?  What if, at the same time, you could conserve energy, save money, and gain easier access and more precise control over your comfort?  When you contact East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT for the installation of a modern, wireless thermostat, you get all of that and more.  These are not the thermostats you remember from ten or twenty years ago.  The innovative technology featured in today’s WiFi thermostats opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  These groundbreaking alternatives to non-programmable and programmable thermostats are the next evolution of temperature control.

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Once East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT installs and syncs your new and intelligent thermostats with a WiFi router, you gain remote access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet from anywhere you can access the web.  Whether you’re snuggled up in bed with a good book, stuck at your desk at work, or half a world away, you’re still in control of your indoor environment.

Not only can you make adjustments and keep track of everything from energy usage to exact temperatures in specific rooms, but the thermostat keeps tabs on you as well.  It knows when you’re out of the house or office, offers feedback for greater efficiency, and learns your patterns.  You can even control lights and appliances, monitor your home with wireless door/window sensors, motion sensors, or even leak detectors, and utilize your wireless thermostat as the control of a larger home automation system.  The specialists from East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT can explain options, make recommendations, and help you customize the comfort and productivity of your home.

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Sophisticated technology has changed expectations for comfort.  Thermostats are no longer limited to a whole-house temperature setting.  Your wireless thermostat is an advanced remote control, allowing you to tailor your environment to your exact preferences.  You can manage individual zones in your home or commercial facility, answering the specific requirements of the room, conserving energy when rooms are unoccupied, and monitoring patterns for greater convenience and savings.  These modern units learn, adapt, and provide superior enjoyment.  And, amazingly enough, this state-of-the-art technology is affordable and user-friendly.

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