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A plentiful supply of clean, hot water should not be something you need to worry about.  At East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT, our business is making sure your hot water needs are completely satisfied.   Quality products and meticulous workmanship eliminate problems and ensures rewards.  Through state-of-art solutions, your household requirements are answered consistently and efficiently.  Know that our trained specialists will help you determine the suitable size and style of the unit, provide timely and accurate installation, and protect your daily convenience and budget.  Uninterrupted performance from your hot water heater is essential to the smooth management of your household.  There’s never a time when you are willing to go without your water heater or ready for the mess of water heater disasters.  At East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT, we respond immediately to your call and provide prompt and reliable results.  By accurately calculating your exact requirements for installation space and capacity, we deliver recommendations that ensure the greatest return for your investment.

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If you think all water heaters are alike, think again.  As with almost anything, quality costs a bit more.  In this case, when you consider the wear and tear, and importance of the unit, the bigger investment is often worth it.  Extended warranties, larger heating elements, thicker installation, and better corrosion fighting metal anodes make a big difference in long term satisfaction.  Because these systems last longer, operate more efficiently, and deliver more reliable performance, you’ll recover your initial investment.  Consider an ENERGY STAR rated gas storage model and benefit from a potential annual savings of around forty dollars from your water heating costs.  Our experienced technicians will explain options and advantages, answer any concerns you might have, and work closely with you to determine the solution that best achieves your goals.

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Have you considered the advantages of tankless water heating?  These innovative systems heat water on demand.  There’s no waiting for water to heat up.  You never run out of hot water.  The standby energy losses of traditional storage tank style heaters is eliminated.  And because water is not stored in a tank, there’s no fear of contamination or possible flooding.  These modern alternatives are extremely compact, can easily be mounted on the wall, and require very limited installation space.  While the start-up investment is higher with tankless water heating, these units are extremely efficient and provide superior longevity.  The licensed specialists from East Coast Mechanical, Inc. Of Cheshire CT have the industry background, product experience, and in-depth training to make accurate recommendations for your specific circumstances.  While many factors impact the size and style of water heater that best serves your needs, you can be sure you’ll enjoy a completed project that delivers lasting and satisfying rewards.

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